Welcome to my world of piano and orchestral music. My full name is Nicke Sigvard Holgersson and I am from Stockholm, Sweden, currently living in the country side outside of Lidköping.

Music has always been a natural part of my life since I am brought up in a family full of music. Both my parents and my three brothers are musicians. As a kid and teen, I played several instruments e.g. piano, violin, flute, bass, trombone, drums, etc. I’ve played in different orchestras, both classical and big bands, and I’ve been singing in choirs. I went to the elementary music school Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser in Stockholm which was the key to learn music theory. In my mid-teens, I focused more on playing piano and synthesizers as that became the instruments I use when I began to compose my own music. I compose contemplative piano and orchestral music with the wish to help my listeners find inner peace and harmony.

For me, music is the ultimate way to express my emotions and feelings. I hope that my music can find a way to your soul.

Thank you for listening 🙏🏻